Euro 2012

Assalamualaikum and greetings readers ^^v

As you all known, Euro 2012 fever has been spreaded. Turn on your football spirit people. Scream GOALLLLL!!! all you want. But don't forget your makwe makwe. Kesian diorang rasa terpinggir nanti.

I will be heading to MRSM Pontian tomorrow. And study. Wish me all the best in my Spm next year. Have fun at home. Be happy without me. Without me -_-

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Don't forget to support Team Spain for the win! 
#TeamSpain #TeamSpainFTW #CescFabregas who needs zayn malik? lol jkjk.

Goodbye for now! x

Sincerely aimi.
*Spain please win!

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